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Thursday, March 31, 2011

you are the one i love, the one that i adore, you are the only i see, and i could not ask for mone, shades of pink and red, flowers of white and blue. i dont need all these things, cause all i want is you. and i hope that you will believe, i would not look for other boys, cause the greatest gift of all. would be to hear your voice early every morning. all these long late nights, far into the afternoon, only you can make it right. i wish i could be there with you, just hold each other all night long. we'd steal a few sweet kisses, nothing could go wrong. but i keep you in my heart, you are always on my mind. so think of me a while, and how our hands entwined, being here today. o cant believe ur mine. so i want you to know that you are my sweetest :)
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